NKT certified!

I've recently certified as a NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) practitioner and am very much looking forward to making more use of this profoundly useful and interesting system. I always prefer to use techniques that provide immediate feedback, and there is nothing I can think of that provides more immediate feedback than manual muscle testing.

I've had great results using NKT to assist in the treatment of injuries, restricted movement, pain, weakness and also in providing much more specific and targeted rehab or even 'pre-hab' homework for my patients. If you'd like to see for yourself, please book in for an appointment and we'll see what can be achieved when brain and body are convinced to cooperate.

"NeuroKinetic Therapy is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. The science of motor control theory states that the motor control center in the cerebellum stores all the coordination patterns of the body. It is directed by the limbic system and the cerebral cortex to not only create movement patterns (such as when a baby learns to stand), but also to create substitute movement patterns when we are injured..."

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