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New techniques! New clinic! News!

Recently I've found a new interest in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) so I went to Melbourne last month and did their Level 1 seminar, which was awesome and now I'm interested in certifying for this form of manual muscle testing.

NKT provides us with another way to identify muscular and soft tissue imbalances at the level of the Motor Control Centre in the brain, which in many cases means we can treat a painful area without even having to touch it, verifying our results and giving additional guidance about any rehabilitation we recommend as homework.

Don't be surprised if I get you to do some unusual movement pattern tests next time you come in for a treatment. I've had some really nice results using NKT to refine my treatments already, and can definitely see that it will become an important part of my practice.

Which brings me to the second item of news- I've opened up my home clinic, set it up with my association, insurance, health funds (although it seems there are always more of those to set up!) so now I can see patients in Marrickville as well as in Glebe. Feedback has been very positive and it's nice to work from a relaxed and comfortable environment (and the coffee is good here). Some lucky patients have also been rewarded for their efforts with fruit, herbs or vegetables from my garden.

As always, details are up on and if you have any questions, please contact me via the email or phone number listed on the site. Or on instagram, where I'll be posting more about my clinical work in the near future (but only, of course, with your permission) - there's a button to your right for you to follow us (us being me and Brynja, mostly).

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