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When everything old is new again..

Now that the Chinese Medicine Registration Board has given me permission to run my own clinic space again (after only 16 months of filling in paperwork and submitting reports!) I will be returning to my old clinic at the Genki Centre in Glebe. Those of you who have been before will remember that while the address is 1 Arundel Street, the front door is on Derwent Street.

It's a fantastic space and this time I'll be using one of the downstairs rooms, with a window out into the courtyard and excitingly for my knees, no winding staircase to climb up and down again and again and again.

I'll be taking appointments on Wednesdays, and looking to expand my hours as needed. I am very much looking forward to expanding my practice once again, especially in what's been my favourite location.

Hope to see you there soon,


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